Current Offerings

Multi-Location Niche Industry

(Ref. 44754)

Very Profitable Niche Co

Revenue ODCF
$9,530,000 $1,130,000

B2B - Electronic Mail Services

(Ref. 44755)

Unique Money Maker!

Revenue ODCF
$6,500,000 $1,200,000

B2B Mfg Unique Dental Products

(Ref. 44742)

Re-capitalization at $1.9M Owner Stays til Conversion

Revenue ODCF
$4,100,000 $700,000 w re-cap

TeleCom Services

(Ref. 44745)

multi locations

Revenue ODCF
$2,500,000 $250,000

Easy to Run - RF Sales and Service

(Ref. 44757)

Stock Sale to Protect Licenses

Revenue ODCF
$800,000 $250,000

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