Going to Market

Internet Web Sites

Exit Equity utilizes numerous Web sites to find interested parties for businesses. The most effective Web sites are operated exclusively for brokers through industry affiliations and are marketed to reach selected targets.


Existing Candidates

These buyers are usually a "pocket" group of buyers either currently looking for businesses to purchase or considered as known to the intermediary community as buyers looking for specific and non-specific businesses to purchase.


Networking with Affiliates

Exit Equity interacts and cooperates with hundreds of affiliates through various industry associations around the U.S. and foreign countries, like our membership in the IBBA, an 1,100 intermediary strong association, whereby we keep track of current buyers.


Targeted Direct Mail

Direct mail can be an effective source in a search for interested parties. As experienced intermediaries, Exit Equity has access to comprehensive information regarding potential acquirers. Such information is essential in selecting qualified candidates while preparing an effective list of mail recipients.


Networking with Investors

Private equity groups and private investor groups communicate regularly with M&A firms such as Exit Equity to review companies that may fill their investment needs. Exit Equity is well-connected and meets several times each year with principals of private equity groups at various association conferences.


Media Advertising

Exit Equity uses various media advertising sources and has a good working knowledge of the best venues to reach buyers for specific industries.


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