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Well-Known Brand in Industry


This 30+ year-old company is one of the leading suppliers of its products in North America. Its facility enables the team to meet product demands for independent retail up to large commercial growers alike. Notably for one of its product categories, this company has the only North American-based manufacturing machine; securing itself a place as a world competitor in the production of this certain product.

Business Highlights:

> Well-known brand serving a defined, niche market

> Strong customer base with low customer concentration – orders are made year over year due to brand loyalty.

> Varied product mix: 40 product categories

> Accessible location on the west coast – location is convenient for shipping and receiving

> Newer, well-laid out facility – opportunity to purchase facility and real-estate along with business, or secure a long-term lease


Financial Highlights

> 2023 is set to rebound; detail in CIM

> High Margin on Products manufactured in-house

> Varied customer and product base helps smooths out revenue earnings across the year

Business Overview

Revenue 4 Year Avg: $4,377,000
Net Income 4 Year Avg: $389,000
Seller’s Discretionary Earnings 4 Year Avg: $608,000
Adj. EDITDA 4 Year Avg: $496,000
Year Established 1980's
Number of Employees 9
Location West Coast of U.S.A.

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Listing Broker

Kara Gibson Brzytwa MBA CBI