Mr. Rayani has been a business intermediary for over 21 years and is nationally recognized for accomplishing the successful transfer of companies to new owners in the small and mid-size business market. He has been awarded a National Platinum, – a Gold, – Silver and Bronze Victory Award on several occasions. These National Victory Awards are the highest awards given out by well-known nationally recognized Business Intermediary Company. Noordin has direct business ownership experiences as the owner of several businesses in the distribution, mail order, wholesale, and retail, import / export, food and service industries– fourteen in all. The geographical locations encompass the United States, Scotland, Canada, and Africa over his career. He speaks five languages which allows him to communicate with many clients directly. This firsthand experience of buying and selling his own companies gives Noordin a special understanding of the concerns, emotions and turmoil facing a seller. This experience plus the 28 successful transactions currently completed gives him the knowledge and credibility to guide, support and represent his clients in all aspects of the transaction from the engagement through the closing. Mr. Rayani is a resident of Bothell, Washington where he lives with his wife having served in the Washington area as a business intermediary for 21 years.