Current Transactions

Acoustical Consulting Firm

Notable Projects and Clientele

(Ref. 44799)

Revenue: $841,000

ODCF: $252,000

Civil Engineering Firm in Western WA

Growing Revenue and Profitability

(Ref. 44792)

Revenue: $720,000

ODCF: $222,500

Landscape Supply Business, Plant Nursery & Real Estate

Opportunity to invest in an asset-heavy business

(Ref. 44787)

Revenue: $4,555,600

ODCF: $499,100

Pending - Website Development Agency

Leading Specialist in the development of website and ecommerce solutions

(Ref. 44784)

Revenue: 3,970,000

ODCF: 1,150,000

MD Recommended Supplement Brands for Chronic Condition

High Margin, Ready to grow Online and Retail channels

(Ref. 44788)

Revenue: $2,182,000


Pending - Energy Efficiency Company: Energy as a Service

'Mini ESCO' - Help Tackle Climate Change and Lower Costs for Companies

(Ref. 44777)

Revenue: $1,790,000

ODCF: $760,000

Relocatable Sports Publishing

High Margin with excellent cash flow

(Ref. 44743)

Revenue: $753,000

ODCF: $192,000