Current Transactions

CNC Machining and Specialty Drilling

(Ref. 44810)

Revenue: $1,847,444


Multi-Location Donut Shop with Technology Backbone

Retail Locations + Technology Infrastructure in Place to Scale Online

(Ref. 44817)

Revenue: $1,837,027

ODCF: $344,763

Profitable Fireplace and Spa Operation: Sales, Install & Service

Home Services Niche; Annual Service Offering Creates Repeat Revenue

(Ref. 44815)

Revenue: $4,085,500

ODCF: $810,500

Pending - Aeronautical Engineering Solutions

Offshore Company with Turnkey Aeronautical Engineering Offerings

(Ref. #44808)

Revenue: $6,484,000

ODCF: $466,000

Back on Market! Commercial Facility Maintenance Provider

Servicing over 750 Locations

(Ref. 1761)

Revenue: $6,610,899

ODCF: $1,593,300

Civil Engineering Firm in Western WA

Growing Revenue and Profitability

(Ref. 44792)

Revenue: $720,000

ODCF: $222,500

MD Recommended Supplement Brands for Chronic Condition

High Margin, Ready to grow Online and Retail channels

(Ref. 44788)

Revenue: $2,182,000