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Providing M&A Advisory Services for Small to Mid Size Companies

Our Team

Since 2005, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners make the biggest change in their career—shifting from owning a successful, privately-held business into a relaxing, passion-driven retirement. Meet the best business brokers to help you on your journey. 


Managing Principal | Managing Broker

Kara Gibson Brzytwa’s career as a Business Intermediary has been built around understanding the best ways to ideate, run, grow—and ultimately sell a company. She is a strong strategic thinker that is also able to organize to the smallest detail. This paired with her outcome-driven mentality and

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M&A Intermediary | Business Broker

Mr. Coe’s business career spans 30 years, primarily built around helping small and medium sized, private companies grow and develop post acquisition or pre sale. Early on experience included industrial and medical sales in dynamic environments working with small to medium sized clients…

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M&A Intermediary | Business Broker

Mr. Brzytwa’s career ranges from installing wind energy infrastructure across the globe, brokering rockets to orbit, and implementing SaaS transportation solutions. Mr. Brzytwa has worked with pre Series-A start ups to Fortune 500 companies. When advocating for…

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M&A Advisor

John Byrum joins Exit Equity after a successful career in the e-commerce and industrial supply sectors. As the founder, president, and CEO of, he sold the company to ThyssenKrupp while continuing to serve as its president and board member. During his tenure, he played a crucial…

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Business Intermediary | M&A Advisor

Jonathan Byrum is an accomplished entrepreneur who uses his experience to better prepare and partner with sellers of privately held companies. Jonathan’s history as a business owner allows for an empathetic and thoughtful partner, ensuring that all parties feel at ease through the process…

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Business Valuation Analyst | Business Broker

Mr. Rogstad began his career as a financial analyst with the HW Blackstock Co. in 1981. He founded Duroboat Company, and as President managed the company, selling it in 2001. Mr. Rogstad provides valuation and financial consulting for our mergers &…

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Certified Valuation Analyst

“Mr. Foster is an experienced professional in the financial services industry, with a focus on acquisitions and sales. As a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), he has performed hundreds of valuations for a variety of purposes. Mr. Foster’s extensive knowledge and skills in financial analysis, forecasting, and due diligence has enabled him to successfully guide clients through complex transactions. He is highly adept at identifying opportunities for growth and maximizing…

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Business Broker

Mr. Rayani has been a business intermediary for over 21 years and is nationally recognized for accomplishing the successful transfer of companies to new owners in the small and mid-size business market. He has been awarded a National Platinum, – a Gold, – Silver and Bronze Victory Award on several occasions. These National…

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Founding Principal | Managing Broker

Mr. Gibson is the founder of Exit Equity and a Merger and Acquisition Master Intermediary, providing over 40 years of business experience. His career started at Xerox PARC, where many of the technology products of…

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Business Development Advisor

Marquita Causey is a Business Development Advisor with over 10 years of experience in Sales, Human Resources, Project Coordination, and Consulting. Her industry experience includes working with federal agencies, IT companies, financial institutions (mortgage), and service companies. Marquita offers a client focused approach, personalizing each experience and catering to the business’s specific needs. She has a value oriented focus and passion to always go the extra mile for client success. Based in south Texas, Marquita enjoys being on the water fishing or spending time at the beach.