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Exit Equity Can Help You Sell Your Business Service Business:

Since 2005, Exit Equity has been B2b business broker that has been working with all types of Business Services companies, giving us deep expertise, strong sell-side processes, and a deep bench of qualified buyers looking for B2B Service companies. 

When we value B2B service companies, we do a deep dive into past financial performance, industry trends, and recent private company divestiture comparables to give clients the confidence that a business valuation is an accurate reflection of the fair market value. B2B services casts a wide net, but with over 240 companies sold, we have an equally wide breadth of experience, buyer, and industry contacts.

We have a proven team approach to valuation assessment, go-to-market strategy, and deal execution provides the specialized resources needed to find a buyer and sell a client’s business on ideal terms. Our objective in our 3 phase process is to create negotiating leverage so that we can hit our client’s exit goals, whether that is ensuring a lasting legacy, a tax advantage payment structure, or improving the odds for an all cash transaction. 

We do this by building the biggest marketplace possible through our existing buyer pool and applying a “big data” approach to finding strategic buyers, synergist buyers in an adjacent industry, or high net worth individuals that would find the client’s business an attractive opportunity. To do this we use a combination of old-school elbow grease (i.e. cold calls, snail mail, etc.) and a “work smarter not harder” approach utilizing robust 3rd party data sets, modern web scraping tools, and communication automation to find, contact, and build relationships with prospective buyers.


B2B Business Broker

Exit Equity has facilitated transactions for business services of all types, including:

  • E-commerce Management
  • Wholesale and Distribution
  • Transportation & Logistics Management (FTL owner/operator, fleet, dryage, brokerage, 3PL & 4PL)
  • Industrial Printing 
  • Fire, Safety, Security, and Protection
  • Specialty Consulting (Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, and Acoustic Engineering)
  • Management Consulting
  • Property Management
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Our Past Business Services Clients Include

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