Business Valuation

Understand what your business is worth –so you can plan accordingly.

By knowing the value of your business, you can better define your goals for growth, and make informed decisions on changes to cap ex investments, expanding into new products and services, pricing, new potential investments, etc. When it does come time to sell, you will have reasonable, realistic expectations for the net proceeds of your exit, and you have had the time and knowledge to align the net proceeds with your future financial requirements.

Broker’s Opinion of Value is performed by one of our experienced intermediaries, and the purpose is to understand the current market value of your business.

A Certified Business Valuation is the highest standard of a Valuation report. It is prepared by an accredited Certified Valuation Analyst–the most widely recognized valuation credential in our field.

With either valuation offering, you’ll receive:

  • Range of the Fair Market Value of your business
  • Calculations of the 6-9 methods used to come to the conclusion
  • Broker’s analysis based on your businesses, historical financials, future proformas, the industry multiples, comparable past sales.

With either valuation offering, you’ll walk away understanding:

  • The Fair Market Value of your business (what your business will likely sell for out on the Open Market)
  • The ‘Net-to-You’–what cash you will receive at the end of the transaction (more important than the Fair Market Value!)
  • What expenses can be considered ‘add-backs’ (items that ultimately increase your valuation)
  • What like-kind companies have sold for in the past
  • Why methods for valuation are commonly used in your industry, and how they apply to you
  • What value drivers help and hurt your business
  • Ways to grow the value of your business

If you would like to learn more about what your company could be worth, or see an example of our typical valuation work package, contact us using the link below. 


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