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Marathon Properties is a 28-year-old property management firm has established a reputation for providing personalized service to small to medium sized properties. Staffed by people with a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by property owners, the firm employs reliable service providers and skilled professionals to ensure that each property is well-maintained and managed efficiently. The team takes a hands-on approach, working closely with property owners to develop tailored management plans that meet their individual needs and goals including rent collection, maintenance and repairs, tenant screening, and financial reporting. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, the firm has earned the trust and loyalty of property owners and tenants alike and is well-positioned for continued success in the years to come.

Business Highlights:

Rich Experience… Capable, experienced staff.
Specialized in property management…focused on solutions for property owners and
Pride in long term client relationships…built by an organizational emphasis on
service excellence to clients.

Exit Equity was thrilled to be the brokerage firm that represented this Property Management Services Group during the sale of their business. Reach out to Terry Coe ( if you’d like to explore the sale or purchase of a similar business.

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Property Management

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