Phase II

Providing M&A Advisory Services for Small to Mid Size Companies

Phase II

PROFILE OR BUSINESS SUMMARY: Preparation of the initial offering profile and financial summary, a document summarizing the size and (blind) description of the business without name of company, location, or specific information that would divulge the identity.

PACKAGING – BUSINESS REVIEW: Preparation of a multi-page marketing document, including a review of the industry, the economic conditions, the business facilities and other assets, the business history, management structure, employee base, customer base, review of operations, review of financial statements, marketing programs and pro forma growth projections.

MARKETING PLAN: Preparation and implementation of the marketing plan to introduce the acquisition or merger opportunity to a comprehensive list of potential interested parties approved by the company.

ACQUIRER SEARCH AND COMMUNICATION: Search and development of prospective acquirer list, distribution of the offering and profile information, and communication with interested parties and prospective buyers in a “blind competitive bidding process” to optimize value.