Best Business Broker in Seattle

Who is the Best Business Brokerage to Work with in Seattle?

When it comes to selecting a Business Broker in the Seattle area to help successfully sell your business, there are several key points to consider, so you find the best fit for you. Hundreds of Seattle-area business owners have found peace of mind when selecting Exit Equity as their team for the sale of their mid-market business ($1m-$25m revenue) –that track record is why Exit Equity LLC has been hailed as the best business broker Seattle time and time again.

Work with the Premier Business Brokerage in Seattle

Meet the best business brokerage in Seattle: Exit Equity LLC. Founded in 2005, our firm has represented privately held businesses in the Pacific Northwest for decades. We are known for being Seattle market experts, having an extensive, active buyer base in the pacific northwest, and for our innovative ways to discretely, and confidentially target great buyers that have knowledge in your tertiary fields.

Is it important to Work with a Broker that is Local to you in Seattle?

For mid-market businesses (sales $1M – $25m), it can be advantageous to work with a broker that is a knowledgeable expert in your geographic market.  Many business owners in this size range find it surprising that their best buyer is not a business owner of a similar business, but instead a local high-net-worth individual, Private Equity, or Capital group that is active in your industry space. Working with a knowledgeable business broker that has fresh, active buy-side contacts in these areas will not only increase the number of potential buyers – but Exit Equity is the best at helping these connections drive the best transaction value for your business. We are also a Business Broker for Washington state and can help connect you with potential buyers across the state. 

How does Exit Equity Drive the Best Value for your Business when you are Exiting?

In addition to local knowledge and expertise, several states require business brokers and intermediaries to carry the Real Estate Licensing in order to facilitate the sale of a business within the state. Washington state is one of those states–and Exit Equity LLC is equipped with its Washington state Real Estate Licensing. We are able to assist in the sale or long-term lease of your business’s physical presence. Contact us today, and we’ll share our unique approach.

What do I do First – Sell my Seattle-Based Business or the Business Building?

Do you own the facility in addition to your business – that is a smart investment!  There’s a very particular sequence of events that should occur when selling your business when you are also the facility owner. Selling one before the other can lead to you losing the overall value of the deal.

Schedule a confidential call with an Exit Equity team member to discuss the correct approach to selling your business and associated real estate/facility.

Advantages and Benefits of using a Business Broker

A good business broker is well-worth their compensation–because they can help you get a successful deal done, set the right expectations, and keep the process moving forward. In general, a strong brokerage firm will be a trusted advisor that will help you:

  • Assist you with a full Business Valuation Service 
  • Get the opportunity to purchase your business in front of the right buyers
  • Drive an optimal price for the sale of your business
  • Locate the right buyers discreetly, confidentially–without the knowledge of your employees or competitors
  • Allow you to continue to work on the business, without disruption to you or your team’s day-to-day.
  • Help you see around corners, avoid pitfalls, and support you on calls with potential buyers so you confidentially answer questions about your financials, processes, and your team.

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We have a whole list of options to consider when looking for the best business broker for you– see our article on how to choose the best Business Broker. If you are a Seattle business ready to sell (or starting to think about selling) – we’d love to meet you and determine if we are the right brokerage firm to partner for you.

Our team is known for its experience working with buyers and sellers in almost every industry. Some specialty areas include:

Are you ready to sell your business and looking for a great business broker in Seattle to help you get the best price?

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