Previous Transactions

Kusler’s Rx

Business: Rx & Compounding

Transaction Type: Divestiture

The two partners wanted to retire, but keep the facility with a long term lease to provide additional income for their retirement.

This pharmacy is the focal point of the community providing prescriptions, compounding and front end gifts and other over-the-counter medical supplies.

Contrix Computer Repair

Business: Computer Services

Transaction Type: Merger

The owner sought to gain a management partner to work out financial problems.

This company provides a full range of technical services from design, procurement, and installation to contract maintenance for small businesses.

Hand e Corp

Business: Handheld Mobile Devices

Transaction Type: Recapitalization

The twenty-two shareholders sought a liquidity event to diversify their net worth and gain a financial partner to support their expansion into new markets.

This company manufactures and sells unique handheld solutions for mobile devices for the wireless and other Internet ready products. Their product provides information to the real estate industry.

Farrell’s Rx

Business: Pharmacy

Transaction Type: Divestiture

Old line family planning for retirement. Reserved the name for future generations to use.

This pharmacy is a multi-generational business and the last in line of six family owned pharmacies going back 75 years.

Arlington Rx

Business: Multiple Location Pharmacy

Transaction Type: Divestiture

Owner wanted to retire and manage the facilities and shopping centers where the pharmacies are located. He received a long term lease as part of the transaction.

This pharmacy is a mulitple location facility. It serves the communities of Arlington, Marysville, Smokey Point for many years. Each location was purchased by a different large retailer in the area.

Big Feet PJs

Business: Mfg & Distributor

Transaction Type: Divestiture

The owner desired more time with the family.

This fashion-design, mfg. and dist. of trademarked comfort apparel featured in media outlets sells “Big Feet Pajamas” world wide from locations in the US, Europe and Australia.

Weaver Distribution

Business: Industrial Distribution

Transaction Type: Divestiture

The final step in the family planning for retirement is the divestiture of the business and the lease back of the facility. One family member will remain with the new owner continuing their current position.

This 35 year-old regional market leader carved out a major distribution network providing on-site industrial supplies and fasteners throughout Central Washington and Idaho. Known for its depth of products, customer service, and knowledgeable sales staff they have consistently outperformed larger national competitors.

Discovery Maps & Guides

Business: Printing and Leisure Time Services

Transaction Type: Strategic Alternatives

Evaluation of strategic alternatives, including valuation of the business.

This company does the initial design of local maps, prints and distributes to their nationwide network of associates. They hold the copyright to all maps covering much of the market.

3D Computer Corporation

Business: Computer Services

Transaction Type: Recapitalization

The owner sought to gain a strong financial partner to help grow his company.

Computer services for network, VOIP, LANs, and contract maintenance for small to mid size businesses, governments and professional organizations.

A-M Systems

Business: Mfg & Distribution Medical Products

Transaction Type: Divestiture

The retiring owner sought a liquidity event that would facilitate a valued employee’s offer to be increased in value, including facility and land with no risk.

Non human use medical product manufacturing company the distributes and sell its products world wide. Business, facility, and expansion land was sold as a cash package.

Moonlight BPO

Business: B2B Electronic Statements

Transaction Type: Divestiture – In the planning for several years this owner retired.

This regionally dominant company provides B2B out-sourced electronic statement to mail, scanning, color printing and records storage services for financial, legal, medical and insurance markets. These markets must produce statements, records, and numerous supporting documents to verify invoicing, payments, and claim benefits in a very controlled and timely manner.

Liquid Measurement Equipment

Business: Liquid Measurement Equipment

Transaction Type: Divestiture

The owner sought a liquidity event that would allow retirement, while maintaining a revenue stream from patents continued by the purchaser.

This instrument manufacturing company sells and services systems for measuring liquid materials, the results help the environment.