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Bruck Richards & Chaudière Acoustics & Audiovisual Design, Inc. (BRC) joins Coffman Engineers.  After 63 years executing notable audio projects in the Pacific Northwest, BRC is pleased to join Coffman Engineers–allowing Coffman to expand its offerings and company wide capabilities.

Historically, BRC’s clients and projects are notable, high-visibility—thanks to the firm’s creative design approach and deep technical expertise. Seattle Space Needle, Seattle Storm Facilities–BRC’s work has left fingerprints all around the Seattle-area.

BRC’s work as an Acoustic Consulting firm includes projects in architectural design, industrial noise control, environmental noise control, mechanical (HVAC) equipment noise and vibration control, and forensic acoustics/expert witness services. Project types and clients are varied.

This acquisition will expand Coffman’s acoustical team to 13, with presence in three of it’s offices.

To read more about this acquisition – see the Press Release from Coffman Engineers

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