Phase I

Providing M&A Advisory Services for Small to Mid Size Companies

Phase I

ASSESSMENT MEETING: Engagement, consultation and assessment meeting(s) to discuss the operation and history of your company and understand the process in divestiture, re-capitalization or credit facility and gain concurrence before going to market.

DETERMINATION OF YOUR OBJECTIVES: It is very important that your personal needs and requirements be fully understood prior to the initiation of the process. This is an important element of any marketing plan and transaction structure.

REVIEW OF THE BUSINESS: Transactional readiness review of the business, facilities and all assets, including phantom assets; business history; management structure; employees; customer base; operations; financial statements; tax returns; marketing programs; and growth potential.

PRICING THE COMPANY: Value Proposition and Decision to “hold and grow or sell and go”: Preparation of historical financial performance comparisons, trends and projections for a value range based on tangible & intangible assets, including identification of phantom values that can sometimes significantly increase the optimum value. This includes a “net-to-you” after closing summary; tax strategy to ensure our client’s decision to ‘hold and grow or sell and go’ is in keeping with their goals.